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Our story starts way back

The drive of development administration in India has taken many turns thereby adopting various approaches that may yield the results that are progressive and compatible for the citizens of the country. In the effort there was ample opportunities for the voluntary organizations that can contribute to the policies and programmes of government for meeting the objectives. This was the period when lots of voluntary organizations came out keeping various goals so that the overall welfare objectives of government can be met. These organizations proved their capability & capacity and made miracles in the drive of welfare programmes. Their reach was so extensive and intensive that it was identified rightly by the govt and in the later part of the time govt. made these organizations as an important component in their administrative structures. These organizations have reached to those places informally where there was no governmental rescue to the people.

Yuva Saathi foundation, is a voluntary organization, emerged during the above-mentioned periods with a group of committed persons with wide exposure on social work and philanthropic ideologies. Though informally emerged in 2016, it made its formal presence in 8thJanuary2017 by registering itself under Societies Registration Act. It concentrated basically to meet the real welfare objectives of the government in tune with the dreams and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi towards village empowerment. Though the objectives of the organization are broad some of the objectives are considered paramount which are briefly mentions below.

Aims and Objectives

  • To work for improving the health-conscious behavior of people thereby generating demand for modern medical facilities and ensure a healthy


  • To improve the primary, secondary and technical education of people and undertake running of related intervention and institutions


  • Empowering people socially and economically to an extent that they can take lead role in rural governance and rural developmental


  • To guide and counsel the rural youth for career counselling and channel them towards the development of the societies,


  • Development of Social, Cultural, Traditional and Educational systems in a progressive and compatible


  • To foster national integration among the


  • To work for the eradication of social


  • To work for the generation of employment and self-employment


  • To guide the youth for their development and to direct them for the welfare of the


  • To foster for the equality in the


  • To facilitate, help and co-operate the governmental schemes and programmes that are made for the welfare of the


  • To take up such projects which are aimed at the objectives of the organization or related to that.


  • To organize coordinates with other voluntary organizations for mustering resources and to direct them for the welfare of the society.
Organisationa methods of interventions

The organization believes in participation and self-reliance. Therefore, all the methods followed by the organization in any intervention is increased participation of beneficiaries and strive for self-reliance. The first and foremost step is to reduce dependency. For this it prefers to muster the existing resources available for any work and start intervening with these resources

Organization Human Rescores

Jagannath Kompella: M. Com, MSW, MBA. Has 20 Years of experience in development sector in various issues.

  1. k. Roy, Rtd. DFO: supports the organization on environment, micro planning and livelihood.
  2. S. Marko, Rtd. CEO: supports on programmes related to tribal issues.

K Krishna Kumar: M. Com, 15 years of experience in health, livelihood and skill development subjects.

Anil Mishara, MBA, LLB:  has 15 Years of experience in child rights, domestic violence, programme management.

Md. Afroj Khan : has 20 Years of experience in project planning and implementation, programme management.

Maya Bhagat, MARD, 15 years experience in project planning and implementation.

Manoj Gupta: 15 years of experience in development sector

Surendra Sahu, MA: has more than 10 years of experience in development sector on various issues.

Swayam Agarwal, M. tech, gold medalist, 10 years experience in IT solutions.

Harsh Mittal, M. Com: five years experience in IT supporter in Documentation.

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